I try to keep my list  current - but often have other fibers available also.  If you don't see something ask as I may have it, or be able to get it.  Orders of 4 or more ounces are eligible for discounts.  I can also offer wholesale pricing on some of my fibers.

Forest Fairie Exotic Blend camel silk alpaca merino


Hemp - Combed Top

Locks Marsham - handpainted

Locks Teeswater - handpainted

Merino 18.5 micron (100's grade)


Qiviut & Silk

Qiviut & Angora

Silk Mulberry & Tussah

Silk carrier Rods

Silk Hankies - Premium Quality

Baby Camel/Tussah 50/50

Cashmere - Cream Top

Cashmere- Fawn Top

Cashmere - White Top

Cashmere - Brown

Cashmere/Merino 50/50

Cashmere/Mulberry 50/50

Cashmere/Mulberry Silk

50/50 handpainted

Chinchilla Fur Noil

Cotton Nepps dyed

Controlled Chaos Batts

Flax - natural or bleached

Silk Hankies - Handpainted

Silk Laps - sheets up to 2 lbs

Silk Laps Dyed - 

Silk/White BFL 50/50

Vicuna - Combed Top

Yak - Combed Top - 3 colors

Yak & Silk

Artfelt Paper

Felting Needles - Triangle

Felting Needles - Crown

Felting Needles - Star

Alpaca - Baby 22 micron

Alpaca - Royal 18 micron

Alpaca - Superfine 26 micron

Alpaca/Tussah 50/50


Angora - white

Angora - French

Angora - dyed

Angora/Silk 50/50

Buffalo - Raw

Buffalo Roving

Baby Camel - combed top