It all started in 1989 when my oldest son John decided he wanted a llama for a 4H project.  That led to a llama for his brother Mike, llamas for breeding, packing, and fiber and later a yak was added to the herd.  My fiber interest started with felting hats and that quickly led to spinning yarn using my fingers and a wooden dowel.  Obviously that didn't last long and I got my first wheel as my fiber obsession grew.  Most of our llamas had very soft fiber thus my passion for all fine fibers eventually expanded into a full blown fiber art business.  After 21 years of owning llamas, the last of our herd retired to a 50 acre ranch along the Coquille River when we moved to a smaller property close to town.  With just an acre and still a passion for fiber animals, I finally settled on French Angora Rabbits.  In addition to harvesting their fiber, I have bunnies to sell from time to time.